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Life Members

The following club members have given extraordinary service to the cricket club, and in recognition of their service have been awarded Life Membership

Mark Lumley.jpg

Mark Lumley

As the founding member of the club, Mark Lumley's name is synonymous with North Shore Cricket. Mark led the club as President for over a decade, and instilled many of the principles we adhere to today. Inducted in 2024.

Steven Levin

Steve is a founding member of the club, having previously been the President of the Neutral Bay Cricket Club – one of the two clubs that merged to form the North Shore Cricket club in the 2004/05 season. Inducted in 2024

Steven Levin.jpg
Kristian Anderson.png

Kristian Anderson

Kristian joined the club in its second season. Since then, he has played in 250 matches for the club – a club record. Kristian was Club Vice President in 2017/18 and had previously served as Registrar and Assistant Social Secretary, and subsequently as Secretary. Inducted in 2024.

Michael Irrgang

Michael joined the club in 2006/07, playing the majority of his career in our top grade. Michael was the first and only batsman to surpass 5,000 career runs for the club. He has played more than 150 matches for the club, has served as team captain, as well as on the club committee from 2019 to 2021. Inducted in 2024.

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Simon Burns.JPG

Simon Burns

Simon joined the club in 2008/09. He has served as captain for several teams and has served on the club committee as Equipment and Apparel Officer, Registrar, and as Club President for the 2022/23 season. Simon has played more than 200 matches for the club. Inducted in 2024.

Paul Cooney

Paul is the leading wicket taker for the club, having taken 303 wickets in his 150 matches since joining the club in 2010/11 through to his final game in the 2021/22 season. Paul has served on the club committee as Equipment and Apparel Officer and as Player Welfare Officer, as well as captaining a number of sides to Premierships. Inducted in 2024.

Paul Cooney.JPG
Patrick Saw.JPG

Patrick Saw

Patrick joined the club in 2012/13. He has played 87 matches and has served as a member of the club committee for five seasons as a general committee member and has made other contributions to the club throughout the years. Inducted in 2024.

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