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Our Story

As a leading cricket club on Sydney's north shore, we were founded in 2004 to be a place where anyone can come and enjoy the great game of cricket. We want you to encourage people of all abilities to participate in this great game we all love.

We compete in the Northern Cricket Union and have teams spanning from 1st Grade to 6th Grade. Our teams play on both turf and synthetic wickets, in 1-day and 2-day matches, on Saturdays through summer.

It doesn't matter if you've been playing top-level cricket or have never picked up a bat and ball - there is a place in our club for everyone who loves the great game of cricket.

Cricket ability optional - sense of humour mandatory!
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The Shoremen's Code

To be a “Shoreman” is a privilege and not a right so all persons wishing to become a member of the North Shore Cricket Club will always strive to show:

High ethical standards and integrity in their dealings both on & off the field

A willingness to act upon and remain accountable for their own behaviours & decorum

Respect for all Shoremen, club leaders, opponents, guests & sponsors

A willingness to maintain the club culture by personally enforcing the code amongst all other players & individuals

Our Standard


Once a player has been approved for membership to the North Shore Cricket Club, he/she agrees to the following minimum standards of behaviour, decorum & appearance:

  1. Dress Code

    • official training shirt at all official club training sessions

    • official club playing shirt & cap during all Association sanctioned matches - official club playing, social or training shirt at all after-match functions

  2. Offensive Language

    • always kept within acceptable social standards (time, place & persons within earshot must be taken into account)

  3. Consumption Of Alcohol

    • completely banned before & during all officially sanctioned club training sessions & matches

    • subject to the NSW RSA policy during all official club functions & the weekly after-match functions

  4. Obnoxious Behaviour

    • completely unacceptable at all times when representing the club at training, during a match or at a club function

  5. Racism

    • completely unacceptable at all times when representing the club at training, during a match or at a club function

  6. Physical Abuse & Violence

    • completely unacceptable at all times when representing the club at training, during a match or at a club function

  7. Any player found guilty of breaching this code will be subject to one or more of the following actions open to the Executive Committee depending on the severity of the incident :

    • Official reprimand (verbal)

    • Official reprimand (written)

    • Internal judicial hearing (player must show cause as to why a penalty or expulsion is not warranted) followed up by outcome as a “no action” or (1) or (2) or (4) or (5)

    • Temporary suspension (determination to be at the executive committee’s discretion)

    • Or immediate expulsion from the North Shore Cricket Club

  8. Please Note

    • The executive committee has complete authority & power to take whatever course of action it considers appropriate to protect

      1. its image & reputation,

      2. its players & guests, &

      3. its sponsors & patrons

    • regardless of who the offending person is, where the offence was committed and under what circumstances it was committed.

  9. Whenever the executive committee needs to take such action, it will be done in a thorough, professional & swift manner with the clubs’ best interests always being protected first and foremost.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the ultimate sporting club for everyone interested in the game of cricket. Including the leadership group, the facilities and equipment, the social scene, the players, family involvement and our attire, we aim to be the best in everything we do.

Our Values

From a cricket perspective, we aim to uphold the traditions and values of the game. A Shoremen plays hard from the first ball to the last. We respect our opposition, the rules, our team mates and ourselves. Cricket is not just a game for the blokes, but for all the family, children and friends, and to that end we encourage involvement of all to maximise the enjoyment in our club.

Our Style

Complimenting our values, all players wear full club cricketing attire. As the saying goes, ' if you can't be a cricketer, look like one.' Our uniforms and appearance show our opposition and supporters that we are one club committed to excellence. On field, our players wear a traditional blue cricket cap, full whites including the club sponsored shirts and trousers. When we train, our players wear club training clothes. After the games our social clothing also shows the community and our sponsors who we are, and that we represent ourselves as the strong club that we are.

Our People

The club openly welcomes members from anywhere around the globe or just next door here in Australia. Our people are committed to the club and their team mates. It is club policy to place players in a grade best suited to their skill level, resulting in well balanced teams that enjoy their cricket to the maximum degree possible.

Our Leaders

To be a strong club both on and off the field, you need people with a passion for the game, the club and to have leadership qualities. Our club committee has been built over the years by identifying and attracting high quality administrators to ensure the members have the most enjoyable cricketing experience we can provide. Our captains are selected not only for being among the best players, but for demonstrating character and clubmanship that sets them apart as successful team leaders.

Our Committee

The North Shore Cricket Club prides itself on being a leader in its field by setting the benchmark for the way it goes about cricket. From the executive committee, to the team captains and the players, the club strives to deliver a cricketing experience that encapsulates a mixture of on field success and the enjoyment and mateship by simply playing the great game.

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